Guantanamo Voices

Media Coverage
Setting up in the BBC studios


Chris Arendt Discussing Torture on the BBC

blog reactions:
David Scott of Harpers: “The practices he identifies are not disputed by the Bush Administration, although the label he affixes to them–’torture’—is.

Andrew Sullivan: “A former guard, with first-hand knowledge, recalls the sadism, abuse and torture at Gitmo, endorsed and approved by the president of the United States.”

The Raw Story: “As the Guantanamo Bay detention center reached its seventh birthday this week, a U.S. veteran said he witnessed cell beatings, forced head shavings and interrogation tactics–including sleep deprivation, floor shackles and loud music–while guarding detainees there.”

Crooks and Liars: “He was quite clear that what he saw was ‘torture’ and that some of his fellow guards were so violent as to be ‘psychotic.”

Prison Planet: “You frigging Starbuck Mall warriors keep applying your suburban standards to these people. Hell they have a mattress, Koran, RUNNING WATER,toilets,Halal Food. WOW! Just like a Nazi death camp in WWII. Maybe not so much.”

Philosoraptor: I’m afraid reverence for the military may have gone rather too far–and Arendt’s comments seem to confirm this.”


Interviews with Al-Jazeera English and BBC World Service

Behind the scenes at Al Jazeera English

Behind the scenes at Al Jazeera English


Lansing State Journal: “Ex Guardsman Denounces Gitmo.”

Blog Reactions: Check out the 82 comments on the Lansing paper’s site, which run the Michigan mindset gamut from supporting Chris to calling him a sissy. Also:

Birmingham Post News: “A former guard at Guantanamo Bay detention centre is to come to Birmingham on a roadshow with the freed inmate Moazzam Begg.”


The Guardian: Disillusioned campaigner joins ex-inmates on UK to speak out against torture tactics at American detention camp.

Socialist Worker: “For Obama’s words to carry any substance there must also be the immediate closure of all secret detention and torture facilities like Bagram airbase and an end to the rendition flights that supply them.”


Radio Netherland Interview

Radio Netherland Interview

Radio Netherlands: “Mr Arendt is less confident and articulate than Mr Begg and sees the British tour as a chance to come to terms with himself. He describes it as a chance to convince himself that he is not mad and that the people on the other side of the fences were also human.”

Reading Evening Post: “Hundreds attended the event as the trio battled their demons to answer questions about their experience and their ongoing campaign against detention without charge or trial.”


Press TV debate: “Guantanamo: Is it Time to Forgive and Forget?”


Unity Radio FM 93.5 Birmingham

Unity Radio FM 93.5 Birmingham


CNN: Open or Closed, Guatanamo hurts U.S., Ex-inmate Says.

This is Nottingham: “Mr Arendt admits laughter is a way of dealing with the travesties that he witnessed, which he thinks about ‘all day, every day’.”

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