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Maximum Security Deodorant, etc.
January 20, 2009, 8:23 pm
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Chris and I tagged along with Moazzam as he picked up some stacks of books from his nondescript storage unit in Birmingham. As we waited in the small space, Moazzam reached into a corner and pulled out a duffel bag, “Look at this!” he said, zipping open the bag and pulling out its contents.

“Oh my God!” shouted Chris, picking out a strange, plastic shampoo bottle, white Converse-style shoes and a pair of white shorts. “Comfort items!” Here, thousands of miles from Guantanamo Bay, was a duffel bag full of the only items and clothes detainees were allowed during their years spent in the prison. They were astoundingly familiar to Chris and Moazzam.

A detainee's worldly possesssions

A detainee's worldly possesssions

Note the especially peculiar deodorant. It’s label reads, “Bob Barker’s Maximum Security Deodorant.”  “I used to hate Bob Barker,” laughed Moazzam, “Whoever he is.” Apparently not this guy — another unrelated but equally infamous Bob Barker offers an online clearing house of Guantanamo apparel.


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Just caught up with the blog and the Flickr page – excellent work, keep it up! I’m checking every couple of hours for an update.

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